Gas, Oral, or IV: What Sedation Is Right for Me?

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Should I get a Full Mouth Reconstruction?


The Value of Preventive Oral Health Care


Orthodontic Options: Fastbraces, Invisalign, or traditional braces

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What are FastBraces?

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Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

To learn more about the benefits of periodontal therapy, contact Dr. Sam’s Premier Dentistry in Sherman, TX at (903) 708-6400 to schedule an appointment.

Oral Hygiene Facts to Promote National Children’s Dental Health Month

Learn more about the importance of children’s dental health, contact Dr. Sam’s Premier Dentistry in Sherman, Texas at (903) 708-6400.

How Do You Fight Gum Disease?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2021-01-31
​​​​​​​Severe gum disease can lead to loose teeth, gum recession, and tooth loss. It is important to fight the disease before it becomes a problem.

Can You Get Toothache With Implants?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2020-12-23
Are you thinking of getting a dental implant? If you’re worried about toothaches with implants, learn about this popular method of tooth replacement.

What is the Main Cause of TMJ?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2020-11-23
TMJ disorder occurs when patients have problems how their jaws work. Instead moving smoothly and easily, patients experience stiffness & discomfort.

How Strong Are Dental Implants Compared to Natural Teeth?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2020-10-19
Looking to weigh the benefits of Dental Implants? Learn about their strength and restorative power here!

Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2020-09-11
Learn if you are a candidate for Dental Implants and why they are the top option and have the most benefits for missing teeth.

After Dental Implant Surgery Dental Implant Aftercare Guide

According to the American Dental Association, dental implants are highly effective in replacing any number of missing teeth. Getting dental implants yields long-term results but after the procedure, expect to encounter certain post-surgery eventualities.

Tips to Minimize Receding Gums

Our gums are just as important for a healthy, attractive smile as our teeth. If they begin to pull away from the teeth, they could expose more of the veneer than is normal, causing teeth to look abnormally long.

Fastbraces FAQs

Fastbraces are a bracket system that helps you to get straighter teeth in a shorter time. It is a faster, easier, safer, and more affordable option to traditional orthodontic braces.

What Can You Not Do After Dental Implants?

Do you have questions about dental implants or about postoperative care? Contact Dr. Sam’s Premier Dentistry at 903-708-6400 to schedule a consultation.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Experts recommend this treatment because it rebuilds and repairs the function and appearance of your entire mouth. Call us at 903-708-6400 to learn more!

What are the Benefits of Veneers?

If you are wanting to address minor cosmetic defects affecting your teeth and enhance the overall appearance of your smile, you may be thinking about getting veneers. In Sherman Texas, veneers are one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry treatment.

How to Stop Gums from Receding

Many people don’t give their gums a great deal of thought, preferring to focus their oral care routine on cleaning their teeth and getting them as white as possible. However, the gums play a crucial role in the health and retention of our teeth, as well as helping us to have an attractive and even smile.

Types of Dentures and Which is Best for You

To find out more about types of dentures, or to schedule your confidential consultation. Please contact Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry in Sherman, Texas.

Smile Makeover vs. Full Mouth Reconstruction

Here is everything you need to know when deciding between a smile makeover & full mouth reconstruction. Contact our dentist in Sherman TX 903-708-6400

What to Expect From a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Considering full mouth reconstruction? Here is everything you can expect. Contact our dental office in Sherman, TX today to learn more 903-708-6400.

Periodontal Surgical Treatment Options

Sherman Texas Periodontal specialist speaks about periodontal surgical treatment options for decaying, infected, or affected gums.

Importance of Kid’s Dental Care

Dentist in Sherman, TX, Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry, is a premier provider of kids dental care, and dental care for all ages! Schedule today!

How do You Care for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are provided by Sherman TX premier provider of implant dentistry. To learn more, give us a call today!

What are my options for restoring hopeless teeth

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss what can be done to restore your ‘hopeless’ teeth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why It Is Important To Seek Periodontal Therapy

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling our offices in Sherman, TX on 903-708-6400 if you would like to find out more about periodontal disease.

Why a CBCT Scan is Necessary Before a Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants have transformed the way in which dentists can replace teeth that have been extracted or have fallen out due to extensive decay or damage. In replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant, dentists are able to fully restore both the function and appearance of the patient’s smile without pressure on any of the surrounding teeth.

What Happens if You Delay Root Canal Therapy?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2019-01-18
Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry have compiled a list of some of the most common issues associated with delaying root canal therapy. Contact 903-708-6400 for details.

Are Braces Needed to Close the Gap Between Teeth?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-12-07
If you have gaps between your teeth, our dentist will almost certain recommend that you consider treatment. Call Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry at 903-708-6400 to learn more.

What Effects Does Bleeding Gums Have?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-09-07
Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry shares some of the most common effects of bleeding gums. Call our Sherman, TX office at 903-708-6400 to know more.

Denture Care for Seniors

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-08-08
Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry shares you the guide to denture care for seniors. Call 903-708-6400 today to learn more.

Dental Care Tips for Seniors

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-07-09
Maintaining good oral health is just as important when you are older. Know the dental care tips to maintain a healthy smile at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry. Call 903-708-6400 for details.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-06-08
Dental crowns are a popular dental treatment that can completely restore the function and beauty of a damaged tooth. Know its benefits at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry.

How Do I Prevent Bruxism?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-05-08
Learn more about Bruxism, and how to prevent the tightening of your jaw. For more information, call 903-708-6400.

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-04-09
In recent years, dental implants have become the leading treatment for tooth loss. Know more about it at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry.

FAQs About Porcelain Veneers

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-03-08
Learn more about porcelain veneers and its dental benefits. For inquiries, contact us at 903-708-6400.

Types of Dental Implant

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-02-08
Learn more about dental implant and its types. Contact us at 903-708-6400 for more information.

Types of Periodontal Therapy

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2018-01-08
Gum disease is one of the most prolific dental problems seen in the U.S. today, learn how to treat it by the different types of periodontal therapy at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry.

What is Periodontal Therapy

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-12-08
Know about Periodontal Therapy and how it can benefit your dental health. Contact Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry at 903-708-6400 for details.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns After Root Canal Therapy

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-11-08
Learn about Porcelain Crowns and its benefits after your Root Canal Therapy by Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry in Sherman TX.

The Difference Between Veneers and Dental Bonding | Sherman, TX

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-10-09
Learn more about the difference between veneers and dental bonding by Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry in Sherman TX. Contact 903-708-6400 for details.

How to Preserve your Teeth with Tooth-colored Fillings

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-09-08
Read more about how to preserve your teeth even with tooth-colored fillings by Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry. Contact 903-708-6400 for details.

How Crooked Teeth are Bad for Dental Health

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-08-08
Do you have misaligned teeth? This blog might be helpful to you. Read more about how crooked teeth affect our dental health. Contact 903-708-6400 for details.

How to Stop Receding Gums

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-07-07
Read more about the tips on how to stop receding gums and to have a perfect smile again. Contact 903-708-6400 for details.

Dental hygiene tips for dental implants

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-06-24
Learn more about what you can do to keep your dental implants healthy and in excellent condition.

How to know when you need wisdom teeth extracted

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-05-13
Impacted wisdom teeth can cause discomfort and affect your smile, make an appointment at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry in Sherman, TX.

The Dangers Of Periodontal Pockets

There are different stages of gum disease, beginning with gingivitis and at its worst, becoming full-blown periodontitis. Left untreated, gum disease can cause periodontal pockets.

The Dangers of Choosing an Inexperienced Dental Implant Provider

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-03-24
Dr. Sam and the team have the qualifications and experience necessary to provide the highest quality dental implant surgery and aftercare. Learn more here!

Restorative Dentistry: Dental Bridges or Partial Dentures

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-28
Dentist in Sherman Dr. Sam talks about the difference between common replacement treatments: dental bridge and partial dentures.

What is a gingivectomy

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-21
Learn why a gingivectomy may stop further gum disease. Contact Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry today to learn if this procedure is right for you.

What is a tissue grafting procedure

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-21
Enhance the supportive gum tissue around a tooth with tissue grafting procedures by Dr. Sam, your dentist in Sherman, TX.

What is an osseous procedure

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-21
Osseous surgery allows for the modification of the alveolar bone and surrounding teeth affected by periodontal disease. Contact Dr. Sam with questions.

What is an occlusal procedure

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-21
If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Sherman, TX to perform an occlusal procedure, contact Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry today.

What is periodontal disease

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Periodontal or gum diseases are serious infections that should be promptly treated. Contact Dr. Sam, your dentist in Sherman, TX with questions.

What is scaling and root planing

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Periodontal scaling and root planing is a cleaning procedure intended to remove contamination and infection beneath the gum.

What is conscious sedation

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Learn more about conscious sedation techniques at Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry in Sherman, TX.

What is a frenectomy

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry offers Frenectomy Surgical Procedures in Sherman, TX, contact us today for more information about this procedure.

Can you fix a gummy smile

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Dr. Sam offers Periodontal procedures to improve a gummy smile. Call our Sherman, TX dental office to learn about restorative and cosmetic procedures.

What is bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration

Author:Dr. Sam's Premier DentistryDate:2017-02-20
Dr. Sam is often able to restore or regenerate bone affected by long standing periodontal disease. Contact Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry to learn more.

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