What Can You Not Do After Dental Implants?

The surgical procedure involved in dental implant placement is safe. Most people do not encounter any complications following surgery. However, it is possible to experience some discomfort. These include pain, slight bleeding, and bruising or swelling around the incision site. Serious complications, such as infection on the surgical cut, are infrequent. But it has to be treated as soon as possible. This way, you can prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body. Other possible complications include sinus problems and nerve damage.

Instructions to Follow Immediately After Oral Surgery

The aftereffects of dental implant surgery vary per person. So, not all of the instructions below may apply to you. Nevertheless, like any delicate surgical procedure, postoperative care is critical to avoid unnecessary pain and complications. Here’s what you should do shortly after dental implant surgery:

  • Avoid disturbing the surgical area by drinking with a straw and rinsing or spitting vigorously. These can trigger bleeding.

  • Do not forcefully blow your nose and keep your mouth open if you must sneeze. This is to avoid undesired sinus pressure.

  • While it can be tempting to examine the incision site, do not pull your lip to check the cut or probe the area with your tongue, fingers, or any object. You do not want your stitches to loosen, as this can delay your implant healing process.

  • Smoking can also delay healing, so avoid smoking for at least a few days after your surgery.

  • Limit any strenuous exercise or physical activity, and resume only with light movement after a day or two.

  • Hard foods, such as nuts, can cause trauma and delay healing. So, stick to a soft diet and always chew on the opposite side.

  • Also, you do not want to irritate the surgical area, so avoid eating hot and spicy foods.

  • Increase your fluid intake but skip the alcohol and carbonated drinks.

  • Do not forget to take your prescription medicines as directed and attend to all of your follow-up appointments.

Tips for Oral Health Care After Oral Surgery

Keeping your mouth clean after dental implant surgery is necessary to prevent the accumulation of food debris, which can promote the risk of infection. So, remember to brush your teeth on the night of your operation. Gently and carefully move your soft-bristled brush around the incision site. Do not be alarmed as slight bleeding is not uncommon. Just rinse your mouth with a warm salt solution (half a teaspoon of salt per one cup of water) every two to three hours. You can start your regular brushing the next morning, but skip the operated area. As previously mentioned, avoid vigorous rinsing.

Your case is unique, so it might be best to avoid well-intended advice from your friends. Do you have questions about dental implants or anything about postoperative care? Visit Dr. Sam’s Premier Dentistry office in Sherman, Texas, today. Our team of friendly, certified, and highly trained surgical staff will be more than happy to answer your questions. Contact us at (903) 708-6400 to schedule a consultation.

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