7 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners over Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners

Every year, dentists put braces on millions of adults and teenagers. Sometimes, that’s the right approach to straightening teeth. However, with so many advances to clear aligners, a lot of dental professionals recommend them instead. After all, they have some advantages over conventional braces.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Known by different names according to the brand, they’re a type of alignment device. Similar to braces, they help straighten teeth. However, an increasing number of people opt for them as opposed to braces. Here are seven reasons why.

Length of Time

On average, people wear traditional braces for anywhere between 18 and 24 months. However, in more severe cases, a patient could wear them for several years. In comparison, clear aligners produce incredible results in about 12 to 18 months with clear aligners. That means you can achieve a beautiful smile in less time.

Enhanced Appearance

Unlike braces that people can see, it’s hard to tell when someone’s wearing clear aligners. As the name applies, they’re clear so they don’t stand out. Especially if you’re more self-conscious about your appearance, you’ll love clear aligners.


Today’s braces are much better than those even a few years ago. Even so, they’re still difficult to clean. Parents of teens with braces would agree that they have to constantly remind their children to take care of their braces. On the other hand, clear aligners are easy to clean and maintain. For these, you’d simply brush and floss daily just as you already do.

Ideal for Athletes

Unless wearing a special mouth guard, it’s hard to play sports while wearing braces. Even the slightest contact could cause them to cut a person’s gums. However, clear aligners don’t pose that same risk. That’s because an individual can remove them before participating in a sport and then insert them when done.

No Food Limitations

Anyone who’s ever worn braces knows the importance of avoiding certain foods, in particular, anything that’s sticky. Not only can that cause wires and brackets to break but also make cleaning more difficult. Just as with sports, you would take clear aligners out to eat and then put them back in afterward.

More Comfortable

There’s no question that clear aligners are more comfortable than braces. After all, they don’t contain any metal or wire components. Instead, they have a smooth surface. Sometimes, people forget they even have them in. Also, they’re not tightened like braces. Rather, you would change the aligners over time if needed.


Finally, clear aligners work. Regardless of how crooked your teeth are, they’ll transform the way you smile. As a result, you’ll likely feel more confident.

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