What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Are you needing a full mouth reconstruction at this time or is it something you may consider someday? Experts recommend this treatment because it rebuilds and repairs the function and appearance of your entire mouth using several procedures. It also involves maintaining the health of your gums to ensure your complete oral health. Preparation for your mouth rehabilitation involves wearing a dental night guard and some deep dental cleaning. Do you want to learn more about this advantageous oral transformation? Let’s talk about what a full mouth reconstruction truly is.

Before the Process

Once you decide to have a full mouth reconstruction, you should see your local dentist so that you can have an extensive oral examination. Your dentist will assess your mouth to determine the proper treatment for you.

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth first. From this assessment, your dentist will know the fitting reconstructive procedures that you could need.

The health of your gums will also be inspected. Intensive gum treatments can take care of your periodontal issues. If there are deficient bone and soft tissues, your dentist will build them up first before the full mouth reconstruction.

Your bite and chew will also tell your dentist if there is pain and if you are wearing down your teeth because due to grinding them. You may be asked to wear a nightguard to correct any occlusions.

The general appearance of your mouth is also important. Your dentist will assess the proportion, shape, color, and size of your teeth and how they go with your face, mouth, gums, and lips.


Usually, you would have to undergo several dental procedures to complete your mouth reconstruction. You can expect to visit your dentist for at least a year to complete your full mouth reconstruction. The procedures will be based on what your entire mouth needs. Crown lengthening, jaw surgery, and gum tissue contouring are some of these procedures.

Splint Therapy

Bite reconstruction is part of a full mouth reconstruction. This procedure makes sure that your bite improves. Studies show that damage in your mouth may be partly caused by your pathology bite.

Experts say that the most recent innovative technique for this procedure is the use of occlusal splints, also known as a nightguard. A dental night guard that is custom-made for your mouth guides your jaw as it moves. This splint therapy helps your full mouth reconstruction by protecting your teeth from bad habits, such as grinding. It also supports the muscles and your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) while you chew. The jaw and teeth should be in good condition so that the full mouth reconstruction could go smoothly.

If you are considering having a full mouth reconstruction, you should talk to your dentist first to make sure you are well-prepared for the procedures involved. We, at Dr. Sam’s Premier Dentistry, are more than happy to guide you through the process and will be with you every step of the way. You can call us at 903-708-6400 if you have any questions about your full mouth reconstruction. Please visit our office in Sherman, Texas, for a walk-in consultation.