Benefits of Porcelain Crowns After Root Canal Therapy

For many patients, the term root canal is one of the most dreaded used in dentistry. Root canal therapy is an essential treatment for many people who are suffering from an infection in the center of their tooth. This is because it is the only way of effectively accessing the diseased roots and cleaning the infected debris from inside them. However, once the root canal therapy has been completed and our dentist are satisfied that the infection has been entirely removed, it will be necessary to permanently seal the tooth so that bacteria does not re-enter the root canal system.

To seal your tooth, our dentists may recommend that you receive a porcelain crown rather than a cavity filling. This is largely because there are additional benefits to choosing porcelain crowns over other types of dental restoration. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Crowns support the structure of your teeth

Root canal can be extensive and invasive treatment, and many patients find that after their procedure, there is not a great deal of healthy tooth left over. Often this is due to the fact that a relatively large hole has needed to be created in order to remove all of the infected debris. This hole can also compromise the strength of the tooth, putting it at greater risk of fractures and other damage.

Dental crowns sit over the top of an affected tooth, holding it together and encasing it completely inside. This should prevent any further damage that would ordinarily require the tooth to be removed and replaced with a bridge or dental implant.

Crowns protect against decay

A huge benefit of dental crowns is that they are made entirely of artificial material. While sealing the tooth with a conventional cavity filling covers the hole that has been created in the process of performing root canal, it doesn’t stop the rest of the natural tooth being at risk of decay. A dental crown cannot be affected by bacteria and therefore cannot become decayed, helping your smile to stay beautiful for longer.

Porcelain crowns are discreet

Another huge benefit of porcelain crowns is that they can be created in a huge variety of different shades. This makes matching it to your existing teeth even easier, ensuring that it can blend in with your natural smile and no one need ever know that you have had dental work. Patients who choose porcelain crowns often feel the benefit of increased confidence in their appearance.

Porcelain crowns are also stain resistant. This will make them far less affected by the discoloration that naturally occurs on our teeth, and you can relax knowing that your crown will look as healthy and bright as it did the day it was fitted for years to come.

Crowns are extremely durable

Dental crowns represent a great investment in your dental health. Not only will they protect your tooth from further damage and decay, but they are proven to be one of the longest-lasting dental restorations around. On average, you can expect a dental crown that is well cared for to easily last 15 or more years. This means that by choosing a porcelain crown, you can enjoy a beautiful smile for even longer.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of choosing porcelain crowns after root canal therapy, contact the dentists of Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry today.

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