No-prep dental veneers

A great, attractive and healthy-looking smile is a very desirable attribute. Unfortunately, many people find that their teeth don’t quite live up to their expectations. Whether it is minor issues with the alignment of your teeth, such as gaps between them or a tooth that looks much shorter than the others, or discoloration or damage to the enamel, when you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, it can dramatically affect your confidence.

Today, cosmetic dentistry solutions mean that there isn’t any need to shoulder the burden of less than perfect teeth. There are many different ways to change and enhance your smile, with one of the newest and most effective treatments being no-prep dental veneers.

What are no-prep dental veneers?

You probably aren’t surprised to discover that the main thing that sets no-prep dental veneers apart from conventional veneers is that no preparation is required to fit them. This provides the patient with a range of benefits, including making the entire process faster and more straightforward.

Veneers are thin, shell-like covers that look similar to fingernails. Each individual veneer is bespoke, having been specifically created for a single tooth within your smile. You can opt for one or two veneers to cover a couple of teeth that require cosmetic attention, or you can choose to cover your entire smile with them, transforming its overall appearance. Each veneer is made from high-grade porcelain, which is glazed in a shade that either matches your existing teeth or improves the complete color of your smile.

Whilst conventional veneers require a little of the natural tooth enamel to be removed before they can be fitted, this isn’t the case for no-prep dental veneers. Instead, they can be placed directly onto the front surface of professionally cleaned teeth, covering the imperfections that you are targeting. The veneers are secured using a special, strong adhesive, then polished to complete your procedure.

What cosmetic dental issues can veneers be used to treat?

Porcelain veneers, whether no-prep or conventional, can be used to treat a variety of different cosmetic issues relating to your teeth. In most instances, they are used to cover minor imperfections affecting the enamel, for example, chips, hairline cracks, and discoloration. However, they can also be used to close small gaps between the teeth, to add height to teeth that seem shorter than the others, or to bring the front face of a tooth that is set back from the others forward. The improvement in the color and uniformity of the teeth are two of the main reasons why patients regularly choose dental veneers to enhance their smiles.

What are the benefits of no-prep dental veneers?

If you choose no-prep dental veneers to improve your smile, you can reap the following benefits:
  • No need for invasive removal of dental enamel; something which typically requires patients to have anesthetic.
  • Your natural teeth are left unchanged; meaning that you can have your veneers removed if you want to. Once the enamel has been removed from teeth, it doesn’t regenerate therefore if you choose conventional dental veneers, you will always require covers on those teeth that have been prepared.
  • Your veneer will look and feel just like a natural tooth.
  • Your natural teeth remain strong and healthy.
  • The veneer actually adds an additional layer of protection to your tooth, making it stronger and more durable against damage and decay.
  • No-prep veneers can give you greater confidence in the appearance of your smile.

If you are considering dental veneers and would like more information about the no-prep variety of this popular transformative treatment, our team would be happy to help. Contact our office with your questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss your suitability for no-prep dental veneers.
no preparation needed dental veneers