Premier Dentistry’s Response to COVID-19 as of 3/22/2020


In response to this executive order, effective immediately, we will suspend all patient evaluations, hygiene, and dental procedures until April 22nd unless the order is modified between now and then by Governor Abbott and/or President Trump.

Governor Gregg Abbott issued an executive order on Sunday, March 22nd that directly impacts the practice of dentistry including our office.

The order was executed due to the imminent threat of disaster that COVID-19 posses for all counties in Texas due to a shortage of hospital capacity and the depletion of personal protective equipment vital to cope with the current state of the virus and to adhere to the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America mandated to slow the spread of the virus.

The order reads:
“…beginning now and continuing until 11:59 pm on April 21, 2020, all licensed health care professionals and all licensed health care facilities shall postpone all surgeries and procedures that are not immediately medically necessary to correct a serious medical condition of, or to preserve the life of, a patient who without the immediate performance of the surgery or procedure would be at risk for serious adverse medical consequences or death…”

Our office will still be OPEN and available to serve our community on the front lines treating patients in pain with urgent dental needs. Please DO NOT GO TO THE ER for dental issues! Most can be solved in our office or we can facilitate getting you pain-free over the phone.